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Royals to move into Regent's Park

By Andrew Ellinas LL.B.Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Royals to move into Regent's Park

Plans have been submitted by The Qatar royal family to convert three prime properties in Regent's Park into a huge mansion, set to become the UK's first £200 million home. The planned royal arrival has already come as welcomed news within local businesses and we believe that it will confirm Regent's Park as one of the most desirable place to live in Central London.

Regent's Park is a cosmopolitan area that offers a very diverse selection of beautiful properties making it a popular location choice for overseas buyers, working professionals and families. There is a lot of open space with both Regent's Park and Hyde Park being just a stone's throw away, as well as the amenities of nearby Marylebone including the hottest eatery, the Chiltern Firehouse, plus it's now going to be home to the new royal palace, which will be the most valuable residential property in London in private hands, establishing the area as London's hotspot for 2015.

The current local property market is buoyant. At the top end of the market in Regent's Park activity levels have in fact been strong, despite the news surrounding the proposed mansion tax and the implemented increase in stamp duty for properties over £1.5 million. We have just exchanged on a beautiful Nash Terrace property in Kent Terrace for £5 million and an apartment in Cumberland Terrace for just under £3.5 million. We anticipate that demand in Regent's Park will increase following this latest development and we will also see increased interest from the Middle East.

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